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The Road to Publication

The Road to Publication

Cari amici,

I apologize if it seems that I’ve been hiding out for a while.

You see, when I first started up this blog, I had intended to use it as a serial novel, with new chapters published weekly. As it turns out, a full book chapter is a lot to ask someone to read in one sitting. It’s just not how things are done on the internet. People turn to the web for fast snippets, not for a developing saga. Lesson learned! I’ll be revealing newer, punchier pieces for you, my web bound lovelies!


I realize that for some of you, this will be your first time seeing my rather…distinctive visage. Much of my reasoning behind writing my books is to better familiarize humans with those of my ilk. Besides, I’m of the opinion that most writers tend towards a decidedly awkward appearance!


Those of you who were following have of course noticed that I’ve taken down the 15 chapters available. If your among that beloved few, consider yourselves to have been treated to a sneak preview of things to come! A few months back, I started working with Glenna Bloemen of Vanderblumen Publications. I am pleased to say, I have one book completed, and ready for the presses (and several others in progress). However, getting published is an journey in and of itself!

While I send out query letters, and wait with baited breath for each perspective publisher/agents yay or nay, I’ve been busying myself with creating additional illustrations for my novel. Here’s an idea for a cover I’ve been working on. A self portrait, though I worry that it may be too self-indulgent, what do you think? Hopefully I’ll have more artwork ready to share with you very soon!


I’ve also been whiling away the hours with doing research for new books to come. We’ve all heard that saying, write what you know? Well, if you took that advice verbatum, can you imagine how dull novels would be. There’s be a whole genre of books out there revolving around checking your Facebook Page and Googling cat pictures. I instead will get an idea for a book, and then research everything there is to know, absorbing it into my eager little brain. Once I’ve done that, I set pen to paper and I’m off!

Currently, I’ve been reading up on World War I. My first novel deals (among other things) with maritime life in the late 1800′s and the sequel will be a continuation of this. For that reason, I’ve been delving into books about ships such as the SMS Seeadler and The Wolf. In fact the book I am currently reading is entitled The Wolf, by Richard Guilliat and Peter Hohnen. It’s a fascinating story, and one I haven’t heard much about before. Strange, since I’ve been devouring all things related to The Great War since I first saw Snoopy flying his Sopwith Camel.


To whet your appetite, The SMS Wolf was a German raider. In order to maintain secrecy, the ship never used its radios, nor did pulled into port. All supplies had to be attained essentially by piracy, capturing other ships and unloading their cargo, fuel, crew and passengers. What’s especially fascinating is that during her 15 extraordinary months at sea, the captain devoted himself to maintaining the laws of maritime warfare and made every effort to avoid civilian casualties. This essentially meant that The Wolf became a floating prison, a microcosm of people, from various walks of life, all thrust together by sake of their capture.

It’s always shocking to me how little interest there is in the first World War. When reading my book in a waiting room, a woman, no doubt taking notice of the very Germanic looking font on the cover asked me

“Why on Earth would you want to read about Nazis!”

I suppose I prefer this kind of reaction to the usual slack jawed stares I’m more accustomed to receiving! I tried to politely explain what the book was in fact about, and that the events pre-dated the Nazi Party, only to watch as her eyes slowly glazed over. Maybe it’s just my delivery, but it seems that World War I is continually trumped by the second World War, to the point where it has become almost forgotten. Hopefully, I’ll be able to polish this forsaken bit of history up and present it in a way that really captures people!

Till then, I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress as best I can!


Con affetto,

-Marco A. Shatter


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