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Personal Evolution By Marco A. Shatter

Personal Evolution By Marco A. Shatter

I’ve been working on my novels “Sewage In The Bloodline” and “Climbing On Mirrors” for about as long as I can remember. I didn’t have much of a choice actually, at times I have felt as though I’m held hostage by these stories. You see, visceral dreams seem to be a familial affliction, which in the case of my brother Napoléon and myself, lead to keeping exhaustive journals and sketchbooks in the waking world. These eventually evolved into fully fleshed novels. From time to time I look through my earliest notes and illustrations to see how the story has developed over the years. Here are some of the more obscure gems I found.
Tezren_MarcoI love the smell of Crayola in the morning! This was a very early self-portrait, back in my Dungeons and Dragons days.  As you can see, I was still markedly unpleasant to look at, and employed a mask out of courtesy for those around me, just like I do now. (That’s me up in the corner with my mask on, kind of a Sears Portrait studio style double exposure.)

marcomaskmidMy hair however was a touch more lush and fabulous back in my sword and sorcery days, but I’m not sure the kilt was exactly the fashion triumph I must have imagined it to be back then.

I also uncovered a few pictures of Scarafaggio, my biological father, who features prominently in the “Climbing On Mirrors” series. Back then he went by Malian, which is literally Latin for “bad person.” As you may have guessed by looking at me, subtlety was never my strong suit. Clearly, flamboyance is a trait I inherited from my father.

MalianHere’s the earliest depiction.

Malian SexbombYikes! This one’s a little racy.

Here’s a more modern interpretation of dear old dad.


My original depiction of my mother was no less disturbing.


And now a more contemporary picture of the folks.

BreechesOh mom, again with the summoning insects! Obviously, this is about ten years before I was a twinkle in my father’s eye.

And not to steal Napoléon’s thunder, but there was even a time that I envisioned my novel in comic book form. The storyline was a lot zanier back then, and much less burdened by the shackles of plotline and development. In fact, I think the working title may have actually been “Marco Draws Boobs.”  In this heart warming scene a six year old incubus seduces a very buxom nun

Shaloo Norah 2img002Oddly enough, this scene was not entirely scrapped in the final novel.

In this next panel you can see the profound influence that both the Queen from Aliens and Queen Slug-For-A-Butt from Earthworm Jim had on my artwork. I didn’t entirely ditch the anthropomorphic insect breeding concept, but I made it a lot less icky.

Shaloo Norah 1img001I would later refine the comic format a bit more, before abandoning it entirely. In this subsequent version, I decided I liked drawing boobs so much that I even gave myself a pair.

SONY DSCHere I delve into what I think was meant to be scathing political commentary about American apathy and television induced consensus thought, but you know, whatever.

SONY DSCI can admit that I was a bit specist in my youth. When I wasn’t drawing humans as modes of transportation for an awesome pair of boobs I tended to portray them as lumpy, gluttonous, beady eyed monsters.

SONY DSCIn all fairness, only some of you humans look like this.

I even experimented with digital mediums. Below is one of my later self portraits, with more than a bit of wishful thinking blended in.

marcoice018Note the use of Oingo Boingo lyrics. I don’t care if they broke up in 95′, that band is still a source of inspiration for me.

I thought I’d draw this stroll down memory lane to a close with this charming excerpt from my foray into the comic book world. I just had to include it because the writing is absolute magic, I just hope you can read my adolescent scrawl.

Shaloo Norah 5005

So basically, the scary lady just killed this guy, Gabe, who had a great ass. So great in fact that the kingdom will rise up in revolt against her to avenge his glorious ass. My grasp on human politics may not have been altogether solid.

I hope you enjoyed this little dalliance, and I haven’t completely turned you off of reading the actual novels when they come out.

Distinti saluti- Marco A. Shatter


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