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Marco A. Shatter

Vagabond, polyglot, hater of mirrors, & lover of masks. Dazzle me with a lie and spare me from the ennui of truth.

I was born in Venice, Italy. My father insisted I not be named, but my mother took to calling me Scarabeo. The word translates to beetle, but she meant it affectionately.

Orphaned, or rather abandoned at a young age, I was adopted by Acadian smugglers and given the name Marco. They did so because of where they had first found me, Piazza San Marco. I was eventually  adopted by a Québécois merchant and spent my youth cavorting with my two adoptive brothers and sister in the forests of Montreal.

I admit to you dear reader, though grudgingly and only because I suspect it may bear importance, that my true father is the Emperor of the Fatine. What are Fatine? Well, we’re creatures you might know better as imps, demons, goblins, lutins, sprites or even faeries. We always use the plural, as we function something like a hive mind…except for me, I’ll get to that.

My mother, well she was like you, normal, pretty, and more over, human.


I’m going to assume you’ve already noticed I don’t exactly look like Tinkerbell. Seems that only pretty faeries are immortalised in the storybooks.The rest of us are relegated to harassing milk maids, lurking under bridges, and committing general acts of mischief.

Under normal circumstances, a child like me would have been collected, and returned to the Fatine. However, dear old dad made a deal with my Nonnetto, my grandfather, promising that I would be left with my mother and allowed a normal life, well, as normal as it gets for someone like me.

Long story short, I’m a faerie princess, or prince, (gender is a human concept) living in the human world (albeit a very ugly faerie princess.) I get by working as a maintenance technician for a swanky apartment complex in San Diego, CA.

Here, I hope to share my adventures with you.

I am currently seeking to publish my family history and a series of memoirs, chronicling my rather unusual life and the many adventures I have been fortunate enough to have. I am both a writer, illustrator and photographer.

Napoléon Dûheme

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.35.18 PM

Admittedly, I didn’t care for my little brother, Napoléon, when he was born. After all, he had the audacity to steal my birthday, (honestly, out of all the days of the year, why that one?) Over time however, he has come to grow on me, and I’ve become more accustomed to sharing. Now, we not only share our birthday, but this website as well!  Far less wordy than myself, Napoléon let’s his artwork do the talking. His graphic stories, such as the episodic flash fiction “Lost Bread”  will be featured here alongside my own work. He will also be providing graphics for upcoming posts. Napoléon is currently working on his own series “The Legend of Dorcas Morlock.” which you’ll be treated to glimpses of here from time to time.

When he’s not drawing silly pictures, Napoléon occupies his time with collecting fancy hats, sculpture, goat herding, cheese-making and unlocking the secrets of time-travel. He operates a modest fromagerie in Quebec, where he can regularly be seen taking his favorite goat, Josephine, out for a walk. Best not to disturb them though, she can be quite possessive.

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